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Empire Carpet has been in the industry of home installation for decades. In that time, Empire Today has become an expert in the area of home improvements, home decor, and home ideas in general. Explore our articles below for ideas regarding home decor and more.

Rethinking Pastels: Modernizing with Empire Carpet
March 28th, 2013

The shades of spring are decidedly pastel. Home fashion takes a cue from nature, with daffodils, tulips and lilacs providing inspiration for Spring 2013. The colors are refreshing and comforting, but they can definitely pose a challenge to the home decorator. Homeowners often find themselves wondering how to enjoy the soft look of pastel palettes without making their homes look too childish. The solution is to use Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet to create a mature, polished finish.

Colors like salmon and mint green are transformed when juxtaposed against austere slate tones, or sophisticated charcoal. Picking new Empire Carpet in hues with similar depth will allow spaces to showcase pastels to greater effect. The overall tone is completely contemporary, and utterly inviting.

Sustainably Sophisticated: Green Home Fashion Comes of Age with Empire Carpet Eco Recycling
March 21st, 2013

Not so long ago, choosing sustainable products and practices meant sacrificing quality. Empire Carpet Eco Recycling has rendered that dilemma a thing of the past. Their comprehensive recycling program and careful selection of sustainable Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet styles qualify them as serious supporters of the planet.

With Empire Carpet Eco Recycling, homeowners can enjoy the updated look of their home with beauty in balance with nature. In fact, many of today’s most coveted materials are from sustainable sources. Most people have heard about sustainable cork and bamboo flooring, yet they are pleasantly surprised to learn that some of the world’s silkiest carpet fibers come from recycled materials. Discover the amazing impact of Empire Carpet Eco Recycling at empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Opening Up the Kitchen for More Entertainment − Empire Flooring that is a Fit
March 18th, 2013

There is so much to be desired in a brand new home, and homeowners every day are choosing to update and freshen their homes to not only get that new home feel, but also to spend more desired time in their home with friends and family.

To make a home a great place to entertain, homeowners focus on the kitchen by updating the space to fit the modern lifestyle and a great place to entertain. To accommodate large and small gatherings alike, Empire Today offers a variety of Empire Flooring styles ranging from Hardwood to Ceramic to Bamboo and Laminate Empire Flooring. To learn more, visit empirecarpet-products.com.

Home Decor Updates Made Possible with Empire Flooring and Carpet
March 11th, 2013

Updating the home’s style can be a tedious task. It helps to improve quality of life and the home by giving it a fresh look every now and then. When thinking of home décor and updating with the new trends, it is wise to invest on areas that will not only freshen up the home but will also increase its resale value, such as a new coat of paint, change of floors or adding window treatments that will complement the room.

Empire Today helps homeowners with a vast selection of Empire Flooring, Empire Carpet and Window Treatments to fit the style and budget. To learn about the Empire Carpet options and Empire Window Treatments in a variety of colors and styles, visit empirecarpet-products.com.

Opening Up the Kitchen for More Entertainment − Empire Flooring that is a Fit

There is so much to be desired in a brand new home, and homeowners every day are choosing to update and freshen their homes to not only get that new home feel, but also to spend more desired time in their home with friends and family.

To make a home a great place to entertain, homeowners focus on the kitchen by updating the space to fit the modern lifestyle and a great place to entertain. To accommodate large and small gatherings alike, Empire Today offers a variety of Empire Flooring styles ranging from Hardwood to Ceramic to Bamboo and Laminate Empire Flooring. To learn more, visit empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Color Hues and Trends − Empire Today Has Home Improvement Ideas to Get the Right Look
March 8th, 2013

Wondering what the new color hues are in home design? The color trend seems to be colors that bring a sense of renewal and softness with a mix of bold and even yet surprising colors. Something as simple as combining the warm look of wood with pure white accessories or even vibrant tangerine, ocean blue and green accessories, decorating the home with color is all about balance and creative mix it up.

With the variety of Empire Flooring options, homeowners can choose flooring that serves as a canvas to the interior design, such as Traditional Hardwood Empire Flooring or bring an element of creativity and splash of color with Berber Empire Carpet in dark hues. Empire Today can help choose the right Empire Flooring that fits the room aesthetic. To get ideas visit, empirecarpet-products.com.

Discover Spring with Hot Floral Colors and Empire Flooring
March 5th, 2013

As the first tulip blossoms poke through the snow, thoughts of spring burst forth, and with them, inspiration for a home makeover. The bold hues of spring flowers have worked their magic on leading designers. For Spring 2013, the trends are highlighting floral hues that command attention. Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet come in styles that serve as appropriately scintillating complements.

Vibrant color shines best when juxtaposed against neutral colors. Deep hues like mahogany or walnut tones are divine in this regard. Conversely, a splash of vivid pink, apricot or yellow can feel particularly fresh against a pristine white background. Choosing a delectable Empire Carpet in Plush Carpet or Wool Carpet works perfectly. Get more vivid design inspiration at empirecarpet-products.com.

Art Deco 2013: Empire Flooring for Retro Chic Sizzle
February 26th, 2013

The golden era of Hollywood, when the Art Deco movement reigned supreme, has never been surpassed in its capacity for elegance. Even today, the sensual curved lines, crisp color palettes, and pure drama have never been outdone. The perfect pairing for such glamour is fine Empire Flooring or Empire Carpet.

Summer of 2013 has homeowners clamoring for Art Deco flair. Furniture favorites like waterfall dressers look incredible on Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet. A deep mahogany-colored wood floor, polished to a high shine, is a mark of classic elegance. A lush white Wool Carpet in snow white is the epitome of Hollywood glam. Discover more breathtaking design ideas at empirecarpet-products.com.

Empire Carpet Complements Artisanal Details
February 21st, 2013

Homes are an expression of individual personality, and unique life journeys. One of the most wonderful ways to get to know the occupants of the home is to see the little treasures they collect. With Empire Carpet, the color and soul of these precious items can be highlighted, making them part of the visual appeal in a room.

While some owners spend their weekends antiquing, others may collect art, pottery, or photographs. Such painstakingly selected items should be on display, artfully framed by Empire Carpet, or Empire Flooring that complements their uniqueness. One favorite of those who love artisanal products is the classic, Frieze Carpet. Its casually cosmopolitan look is utterly contemporary, yet it works beautifully with even the most eclectic folk art. Discover more ways that Empire Carpet can complement your precious possessions at empirecarpet-products.com.

Winter Dreamscapes with Empire Flooring and the Wonder of Whites
February 18th, 2013

The shimmering tranquility of a winter morning can be brought indoors with the right color schemes and materials. The artful use of varying shades of white has long been a favorite of interior designers, and new interpretations of the look are dazzling the home renovation industry. Now with new Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet, homeowners can make it theirs.

One of the most eye-catching uses of the winter whites trend blends modernity with rustic textures. Walls are covered in a weathered-looking combination of white and grey, and thought antique whitewash was fading. Monochromatic artwork, black and white photos and worn-in details like roughened up, shabby-chic furnishings bring the look together in a thoroughly modern way. Clever use of Empire Flooring completes the look. Empire Today’s Domestic Hardwood Flooring collection features some exceptionally appealing options. Wide plank, hand-scraped planks would be especially breathtaking for this design motif. Learn more about how Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet can take your project to the next level at empirecarpet-products.com.

Choosing Alternatives when it Comes to Empire Flooring Styles
February 14th, 2013

Trends are continually moving and evolving and often times is about offering alternatives to an already classic look. When it comes to the flooring of the home, the trend seems to move towards alternatives also. And Empire Today has the appropriate styles of Empire Flooring to fit the trends. Whether it is choosing Faux Wood instead of the Traditional Hardwood Empire Flooring or leaning towards the green-friendly products such as Bamboo and Cork. These Empire Flooring styles are not only practical and durable but they’re also another style of Empire Flooring that is trendy and cool. To learn about home decor trends and flooring, visit empirecarpet-products.com.

Getting Creative with Small Spaces in the Home − The Empire Flooring to Fit the Space
February 8th, 2013

Decorating small spaces? Wall surfaces can serve as a gallery display as well as a smart way to increase storage space if square footage is limited in the home. And for flooring that opens up the space, Empire Today offers Ceramic Empire Flooring in light colors to bring an open and airy feel to a home.

This Empire Flooring style maintains its classic good looks while giving a small space the feeling of living large. And when decorating the walls with the small space in mind, floating shelves is the way to go. They can be used to show off a collection of decorative items and serve as storage from some smaller items in the home. For more decorating tips and trends, visit empirecarpet-products.com.

Eco-living is a Lifestyle and Empire Today Understands the Value
February 5th, 2013

Going green is not just about making a color statement. This way of living is translating into homes. From moms that make their own cleaning supplies void of harsh chemicals to renovating with materials that are made by recyclable or regenerative sources. Empire Today understands the value that homeowners put on going green and that is why in 2011 Empire set a goal to make a positive impact by launching a recycling program with participation with CLEAR. Through this program, carpet and padding removed from homes and replaced with new Empire Carpet, that can be recycled is recycled. To learn about this green initiative, visit empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Minimalistic a New Design Style Trend Get the Right Empire Flooring
January 30th, 2013

Minimalistic design is a new home decorating trend that homeowners are embracing. This design style is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen area of the home characterized by cabinets with floating units, systems concealed behind sliding doors, touch-latch, simple hardware and alternative surfaces such as bamboo, aluminum or semi-translucent glass.

For the right flooring Empire Today offers Bamboo Empire Flooring styles with the smooth surfaces. This type of Empire Flooring fits the modern look and its soft and smooth surface complements the minimalistic design style. To learn about design trends, visit empirecarpet-products.com.

Sophisticated, Sunny Yellow Accents and Empire Flooring Light Up 2013
January 28th, 2013

Pure, citrusy, bright yellow is a bold accent color that’s taking the 2013 style forecasts by storm. Whether summer or winter, the lemony shade is a gorgeous pick-me-up that infuses bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen with playful instant glamour. With Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet, the cheerful effect of the season’s hot favorite is amplified.

Decorators are coordinating demure taupe and stone shades with flashes of yellow in throw pillows, ceramics, and other delightfully surprising detail pieces. Far from overwhelming, these accents bring subtle glints of energy into otherwise subdued spaces. Coordinating this ray of light with the golden warmth of Ceramic Tile Flooring is one way to take the effect from merely pretty to scintillating. Reveal more Empire Flooring design ideas at empirecarpet-home-ideas.com and look for amazing offers at empirecarpet-products.com.

Getting Crafty: Highlighting DIY Details with Empire Carpet
January 23rd, 2013

The do-it-yourself crafting craze has found its way into the design world, and it’s the force behind 2013’s hottest new trends. From hand-painted textiles, to crocheted granny squares, the vibrant colors and unusual textures of handmade crafts are the new super stars of the design world. Empire Carpet comes in a thrilling selection that’s ideal for giving these artisanal touches the fabulous setting they deserve.

The irregular texture and eclectic color combos so common in crafters’ work become artistic treasure in the right setting. The key is to let their uniqueness shine forth by creating a more subdued backdrop. The contrast between crafted items and the sleekness of Empire Flooring in Domestic Hardwood Flooring comes to mind. Similarly, the uniform texture and sumptuous depth of Plush Carpet provides a flattering complement. Those who are ready to embrace the fun and funky nature of crafts can amplify the effect by choosing highly textural, totally playful Frieze Carpet. The possibilities are as limitless as the creativity of people who love arts-n-crafts chic. Seek out your crafty side with brand new Empire Carpet at empirecarpet-home-ideas.com and look for amazing offers at empirecarpet-products.com.

Slick Inspiration: The New Lacquered Walls Craze and Empire Flooring
January 21st, 2013

The new lacquered walls being featured in designer showrooms constitute the most exciting design trend in years. Their slick, reflective surfaces make crisp neutrals more intriguing, and render vibrant primary colors positively electrifying. No matter whether used as an eclectic, colorful vehicle, or an ethereal modernist masterpiece, lacquered floors are even more stunning when enhanced with Empire Flooring as a backdrop.

Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet both offer exciting design possibilities, but the clean lines of flooring offer particularly flattering results. The mirror-like sheen of lacquered walls is even more captivating when a deep, espresso-hued Brazilian cherrywood covers the floor. For a more budget-friendly option, Empire Flooring is also available in posh Wood Laminate Flooring. Discover all the ways Empire Flooring can enhance the look of your home at empirecarpet-home-ideas.com and look for amazing offers at empirecarpet-products.com.

Violet Vibrant: New Color Trends and Empire Carpet
January 19th, 2013

Reports from the runways and interior design showrooms have confirmed that purple is the “it” color for 2013. Design gurus everywhere are embracing the regal hue in all its varieties, lending spaces a touch of vitality and opulence. Yet, the purples of 2013 are not the garish shades of years past. The color has received a sophisticated update, and there is plenty of Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring to accentuate it perfectly.

While most designers are favoring juicy, tropical shades of purples set off against glimmering whites and serene grays, some of the most intriguing rooms feature a play on a very masculine-looking purple. When taken to steely indigo depths, it reaches a new height of elegance. Homeowners should choose warm varieties of Empire Flooring to offset the more floral-inspired shades. The warmth of maple and oak Domestic Hardwood Flooring comes to mind. Or for the subdued indigo palettes, Empire Carpet in a breath-taking gunmetal gray will make a strong impression. Learn more about Empire Carpet and the latest design trends at empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Make a Splash with Color Pops and Empire Carpet Styles to Fit
January 17th, 2013

Looking to make a splash in your home design? Make a statement with a splash of bold color for an accent wall in the living room or family room. Incorporate neutrals throughout with that bold color wall, and finish the room with Empire Today’s wide selection of Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet styles.

When choosing the type of colors interior decorators suggest, think through the color accents in the home and if there are many colors, choose a theme and replace some bold accessories with more neutral ones or replace the flooring with a neutral and comfortable Empire Carpet. At the end of the day, the splash of color can exude your personality so make sure to stay true to who you are when it comes to your home. To learn more, visit empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Making a Comeback in Home Decorating − Learn More by Empire Today Decorating Trends
January 11th, 2013

Many interior designers claim that in 2013 wallpaper, made popular in the 1960’s, is making a big comeback. Of course the patterns and colors have evolved, but still many like keep their vintage feel. For a bedroom, adding a wallpaper with a busy print and bold colors can replace the headboard. This busy print requires simple bedding, upholstery fabrics and neutral color carpet. Empire Today offers a vast selection of Empire Carpet choices ranging from Plush to Berber to create the feel of the master bedroom that the homeowner desires.

For those homeowners that are a bit afraid to make a bold statement with wallpaper, bedding or curtains that imitate the look of wallpaper can help. Also Empire Today can help choose the right Empire Flooring that fits the room aesthetic. To learn more, visit empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Home Design Trends Mixing up Styles and Empire Today can Help
January 9th, 2013

Soft Contemporary is a new home decorating style that is becoming prevalent among 2013 home decor styles. Mixing up traditional elements with contemporary design and feel make the soft contemporary design more natural without needing to make hard statements. The use of traditional materials such as Traditional Hardwood among Empire Flooring choices or the classic Empire Carpet give the home a softer edge to the true contemporary style while also offering the comfort of the traditional feel. To learn about Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet by Empire Today that is a fit with the soft contemporary style, visit empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Hot Metal: Using Empire Carpet to Enhance Upcoming Trends
January 4th, 2013

Gold and silver will always look rich, but trend watchers predict that colored metals will be the hit of 2013. Burnished copper bowls, and chartreuse vases are just a few of the style highlights that can be stunningly complemented by Empire Flooring or Empire Carpet. The cumulative effect is both playful and sophisticated.

Colored metal accents reference vintage accessories from the late 1950’s and 60’s. This retro-glam trend can be taken to new heights with the short shag of Frieze Carpet. This Empire Carpet takes a classic texture from the era, and makes it new all over again. Hot colored metals look especially appealing when either very deep, dark colors or very bright whites or grays allow them to take center stage. Reveal more trendsetting ways to incorporate Empire Carpet in your décor at empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Empire Carpet to Accentuate Thoughtful Décor Details
January 2nd, 2013

Empire Carpet has the ability to make carefully chosen design details shine. By either creating a contrasting frame, or an interesting color match, homeowners can ensure that their décor has maximum impact. The right Empire Flooring or Empire Carpet sets the mood for an entire room.

The astonishing selection of Empire Carpet makes it possible for homeowners to truly make an artistic statement through their décor. Immaculate white or cream Plush Carpet stuns when coordinated with pure white furnishings, and tropical orange or pink accents. A beloved piece of art is brilliantly highlighted when Empire Carpet is featured in a tone that reinforces a key part of the painter’s palette. Discover all the ways new carpet can bring your rooms into sharper focus by clicking on empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Contemporary Southwestern Flair and Empire Flooring
December 28th, 2012

Something about its sunny style and warm hues has established the southwestern styles of home décor as staples in the home renovation world. However, the genre has gotten a much-needed update in recent years. Gone are the loud color combinations. In their places, we find a nod to relaxing earth tones mixed with traditional materials and textures. Cool white walls mix with artisans’ ceramics and architectural details that recall the Native American and Latin influences that make southwestern décor so special. Accentuating these timeless features is easy when homeowners choose Empire Flooring or Empire Carpet.

Empire Flooring in deep, warm hardwood is an ideal selection. Distinctive details like hand-scraped finishes makes the overall effect even more memorable. The textures and colors come together in a refreshing ode to an important part of our national heritage, and an embodiment of that region’s unique splendor. Find more décor inspiration by visiting empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Clear Ideas: Empire Flooring Modernizes Homes
December 26th, 2012

As families move to update their homes, it is frequently a wake-up call to see how outdated their décor has become. The styles of the 1980’s and 1990’s were full of loud patterns and muted colors. With a simple change of flooring, these styles can easily be updated. Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring provide the ultimate in crisp textures and modern colors − perfect for cleaning up the appearance of any home.

Whereas eras-gone-by may have favored drab colors, and busy patterns, nowadays homeowners want something more soothing. Style-smart home decorators are opting for solid colors with more subtle swashes of color. Choosing Empire Carpet in simple, solid neutrals is the perfect

complement to this new approach. Get more ideas for simplifying the décor in your home by visiting empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Empire Carpet: Substance as the Heart of Style
December 22nd, 2012

Home fashion has moved away from cluttered looks from yesteryear in favor of wide-open spaces and harmonious, minimalist décor motifs. As a result, poor quality cannot be hidden by ornate details. Instead, style must be accompanied to true substance. To this end, Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring complete a room with maximum quality and glamour.

With Empire Carpet, homeowners know they are choosing the ultimate in fine materials. Top tier examples, like Wool Carpet, exemplify the inherent superiority of Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet. So beautiful that it can be used as the focal point of a room, Wool Carpet comes in vibrant hues as well as demure neutrals. The rich texture of this Empire Carpet makes it a designer favorite, as well as a reliably refined choice for homeowners who want the most out of their home renovation project. Visit empirecarpet-products.com to learn more about Empire Carpet and how you can be part of the latest design trends.

The Romantic Allure of Darkness: The Trendy New Look of Empire Flooring
December 20th, 2012

The latest in home fashions has homeowners gravitating toward simple lines and comforting materials. Style savvy homes are trading in elaborate detail work for clean lines that place an emphasis on openness and simplicity. In order to warm up the room, they use deeper wood stains to achieve a rich, dark look. Mahoganies and walnut tones are surging in popularity as a result, and on-trend Empire Flooring is ready to meet the demand.

As autumn approaches, the jewel tones of turning leaves and the savory scents of comfort food create a special ambiance that’s s great fit for modern millwork in natural finishes. Of course, choosing Empire Flooring to match will culminate in a well-coordinated look that is welcoming, yet thoroughly modern. Homeowners are thrilled by Domestic Hardwood Flooring’s deep hues and hand-scraped styles. Contrary to outdated advice, these colors affect a feeling of spaciousness and surprising sophistication. Visit Empire Today’s articles on decorating trends to learn more about the latest Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet: empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Master Bath Majesty Achieved with Empire Flooring
December 12th, 2012

Leading builders and designers agree, homeowners today want master baths that provide royal benefits. No longer just a utilitarian room, modern baths are seen as a place to unwind and enhance one’s health. Luxurious details like steam baths and insulated tubs are de rigueur, requiring Empire Flooring of commensurately elegant stature.

For such spaces Ceramic Tile Flooring is the obvious choice. With its timeless beauty, this Empire Flooring will retain its looks no matter how many bubble baths overflow. It’s reassuring strength and cool texture make it a rare gem, destined to be part of a fine home for decades. Discover the Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet that will upgrade your home at empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Home Decor Transitioning from Season to Season Tips and Ideas
December 7th, 2012

To transition your home decor from a season to season, often times it’s the small details that count. Something as simple as swapping out pictures in frames around the home to those that represent the current season is all it takes. For example, now that is summer, change to pictures out on the beach or out in nature. Homeowners also choose to freshen up the home with new Empire Flooring and the turn of a season is a great time for a new look.

Empire Today offers Wood Laminate Flooring that can match with many different types of seasons and colors. This Empire Flooring is neutral and the Wood look brings out the nature indoors. To read more about home design trends, visit empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Empire Today has been a trusted provider of home installation products & services for decades. Along with our expertise in carpeting, flooring, and window treatments have also given us insight into the hottest trends in home improvements and decorating.

Mega- Modern Decorating Ideas Come Alive With Empire Carpet
December 5th, 2012

Who doesn’t love the crispness of ultramodern styles? The clean, simple lines make any room feel more spacious, relaxing- even tranquil. The secret to today’s modern decorating ideas is simplicity with harmony. One of the most striking modern design trends involves the use of a mostly monochromatic color scheme interrupted only by textural elements like custom woodwork, or a bright splash of paint in artwork hanging on the walls. When homeowners add thoughtfully chosen Empire Carpet to their rooms, the look is complete.

Empire Carpet offers homeowners their legendary commitment to value with an updated selection of contemporary carpet ideas. Two of the most up-to-the-minute carpet ideas are Frieze Carpet and Plush Carpet. Whereas Plush Carpet accentuates modern furnishings’ minimalist silhouettes, Frieze can create a sense of excitement in a room where an appealingly monochromatic motif has become flat. Learn more about the latest design trends and explore beautiful Empire Carpets at www.empirecarpet-products.com.

The Latest In Home Decorating Ideas: Buck The Trends And Revive The Classics
November 28th, 2012
For many years now, the home decorating market has been dominated with ultramodern lines and minimalist looks. While these looks are stunning in magazines, some lifestyles are better suited to a more classic, lived-in look. When looking for carpet ideas and trends, homeowners should focus less on the latest fashions and more on the way their carpet fits their lives. For homeowners who want their home renovation projects to look as fashionable ten years from now as it does today, choosing a mix of classic elements is key.

For those who favor a workhorse carpet, Berber Carpet is an ideal solution. A perennial favorite among homeowners who need carpet ideas that look fresh but take a beating, Berber offers the ultimate in style and resilience. When paired with classic mission style furniture or the graceful curves of more Victorian shapes. Berber Carpet provides a sleek, comfortable backdrop. To accentuate more opulent classical styles like a Queen Anne dining room table, luxurious standards like Plush Carpet work beautifully. Check out more ideas and actual products at www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.
Get Started With Empire Today
August 3rd, 2012
Home decorating trends are always evolving. Depending on the season the styles and colors change. When needing a home up-do with not a lot of hassle, Empire Today can help. Empire will help you transform a house into a home with new Empire Carpet, Empire Flooring and Window Treatments.

You may have ideas on how you’d like your home to look. Why wait to put your carpet ideas into action? Empire Today will help you choose Carpet, Flooring and Window Treatments that will update and transform your rooms into more beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient spaces at prices Why wait to put your home decorating ideas into action? To learn more about flooring and carpet decorating ideas, visit www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.


New Flooring & Carpet Decorating Ideas for Your Home
August 23rd, 2012
There’s a place like no other…a place where you are at your best and you can be who you are. A place called home! Empire Today understands that your home is a reflection of you and your family. It represents you, your style and aesthetics. And when it comes to choosing new carpet and flooring that is perfect for your home, Empire Today can help.

Empire Carpet and Flooring styles bring a certain look to your home. For a comfortable and traditional style Texture and Loop Carpet are Empire Carpet styles that fit. For more of a modern look, choose Bamboo or Cork Empire Flooring. For a timeless elegance, choose Empire Ceramic Tile Flooring. Whatever the style or the area of your home, Empire Today has a great selection of Empire Carpet & Flooring to fit your needs. To get flooring and carpet ideas for your home, visit www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.


Hardwood Laminate Flooring from Empire Today for Easy-to-Clean Nurseries
August 23rd, 2012
When parents have a new baby, the last thing they want to do is spend their free time cleaning and vacuuming. It’s much more pleasurable to spend hours admiring their new little one, singing lullabies, and snuggling in a beautifully decorated nursery. Empire Today’s Hardwood Laminate Flooring is perfect for new families; it’s easy to maintain with all the beauty of traditional hardwood.

Nurseries with Hardwood Laminate Flooring are light and airy feeling. Plus, because this Empire Flooring is so easy to clean, parents can breathe easier knowing that their tiny treasure is in a healthier environment. Hardwood Laminate Flooring is built to last, so the nursery can grow with baby. Learn more about the easy-going good looks of Hardwood Laminate Flooring atempiretoday.com.


Empire Carpet Decorating Ideas: Eco-Friendly Empire Flooring Styles
August 30th, 2012
Not just a new trend but an adopted way of life is choosing environmentally-friendly products in the home. Cork Flooring by Empire Flooring styles fits the bill as a true eco-friendly product. What’s unique about Cork Empire Flooring is that during its process of manufacturing the cork is removed from the bark of the oak tree, not harming the tree in any way. This process allows beautiful oak trees to be re-harvested continually.

Cork Flooring from Empire Flooring options comes in both tiles and planks. This eco-friendly type of flooring is known for adding warmth and comfort to the home due to its soft surface. It’s also durable and with organic properties that develop warmth reducing home’s energy consumption. To learn more about Empire Carpet Decorating Ideas, visit Empire Today Home Ideas.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Take Hold of the Trend with Empire Flooring
September 14th, 2012
As the home entertaining trend continues to flourish, semi-outdoor living spaces are gaining in popularity. One enchanting way to embrace this popular home addition is to make the most of an enclosed sunroom, or transitional space with Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet. Both are available in gorgeous styles designed to weather anything.

Semi-outdoor spaces provide romantic places for daydreaming while soaking up the sunshine or basking in a breeze. Yet, a partial enclosure offers protection and additional comfort in cooler climates, making it possible to enjoy an enclosed porch or sunroom long into the autumn. Homeowners can choose Empire Flooring in styles that perform beautifully when moisture and rugged use are factors. Among these, some of the best choices are Ceramic Tile Flooring and Cork Flooring. Ceramic Tile Flooring and Cork Flooring are resistant to moisture and Cork and has the added benefit of repelling many pests. Learn more about how Empire Flooring and Empire Carpet can make your space more special by visiting empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.

Empire Today Carpets Eco-Chic Homes In Luxury
September 27th, 2012
Empire Today continues to be a leader in the green homes industry. Homeowners who have been slowly adding green elements to their lifestyles demand Earth-friendly options whenever they renovate their homes. Now, they don’t have to settle for inferior selections or quality; Empire Carpet colors include trendy whites, rich cappuccino, and all hues in between. Plus, the sumptuous texture of their Delancy and Paladino carpets prove once and for all that the most fashionable options are as easy on the environment as they are on the eyes.

Both Delancy and Paladino carpets are made from recycled materials like water and soft drink bottles. Rather than allowing them to clog up landfills, they’re crafted into satin-like filaments that become preternaturally soft carpets. Durable and easy to care for, these Empire Carpets are designed to look gorgeous year after year. Homeowners can learn more about Empire Carpet in eco-Friendly choices at www.empirecarpet-eco-recycling.com.

Empire Carpet Decorating Ideas: Eco-Friendly Empire Flooring Styles
October 1st, 2012
Not just a new trend but an adopted way of life is choosing environmentally-friendly products in the home. Cork Flooring by Empire Flooring styles fits the bill as a true eco-friendly product. What’s unique about Cork Empire Flooring is that during its process of manufacturing the cork is removed from the bark of the oak tree, not harming the tree in any way. This process allows beautiful oak trees to be re-harvested continually.

Cork Flooring from Empire Flooring options comes in both tiles and planks. This eco-friendly type of flooring is known for adding warmth and comfort to the home due to its soft surface. It’s also durable and with organic properties that develop warmth reducing home’s energy consumption. To learn more about Empire Carpet Decorating Ideas, visit empirecarpet-home-ideas.com/home-decorating-trends.

Staying On Top of Decorating Ideas With New Empire Carpet

October 26th, 2012

Decorating trends come and go. That’s why homeowners are happiest with the results of their home renovation projects when they’re given choices that allow them to express their own unique design ideas. Whether their flooring is intended to be a neutral backdrop, or a creative element unto itself, Empire Today can offer plenty of carpet ideas to help them make their visions reality.

One of the biggest trends in carpet ideas today is layering. Homeowners can create a sense of flow from room to room by employing harmonious color schemes and textural motifs from one room to the other. For example, they may want to choose one style of Empire Carpet to use in both the dining room and living room. Then, the layering trend can create more defined spaces in the form of adding area rugs in colors and patterns that are more specific to the individual rooms. Learn more about decorating ideas and design trends at www.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.


Empire Carpet Decorating Ideas & Trends For Eco-Chic Homeowners
October 29th, 2012
The pages of any upscale design magazine will confirm that the biggest trend in home decorating today is the green movement. Now more than ever, homeowners care about the environment and the effects all of their home renovations will have on the natural beauty and resources around us. Happily, they can do what’s best for the planet while seeing their decorating ideas come to life when they shop with Empire Today.

Empire Today employs earth-friendly practices both behind the scenes and in the Empire Carpet they offer to their clients. Most appealingly, they have carefully selected fabulously fashionable choices so that homeowners can find a fit for their own personal style statements and colorful carpet ideas. Whether a home features beautiful Bamboo Flooring, solar panels, recycled furniture or other haute environmentally friendly décor, there is an ecologically conscious Empire Carpet choice to enhance it, warm it, and make it a truly beautiful place. Get more green carpet ideas atwww.empirecarpet-home-ideas.com.