Empire Today 2013 Trends

For extra decorating ideas, check out the hot new trends in home decorating for 2013:

Mix it Up: Instead of decorating with uniform patterns and textures, add variety to your space by bringing in unique pieces that express your personality. Avoid too much matching by layering different fabrics and prints together. Decorators of the past would have frown upon a striped pillow on a floral couch, but today these touches are eclectic and bring depth and character to a room.

Natural Light: Natural light makes a space look and feel larger because the sun gives softer, more airy light than artificial sources. Make sure you’re utilizing the sunlight in your room by getting window treatments that let you control the amount of light coming in. Empire Today window treatments come in many stylish and efficient varieties.

Grey: Use chic grey tones paired with pops of color to add modern style to your space. Choose colorful decorative pieces that stand out and accentuate your personality; the room should say something about the atmosphere you want to exude.

Eco-Friendly: Green is the New Black. Now that environmentally-friendly products are more affordable and stylish, using green materials is the hottest way to update your home. Empire Today offers many green options from carpet and flooring to window treatments and recycling disposal. See more at Empire Today’s Eco Friendly Products Web Site.