Design Trends for Spring 2013

Home Design Styles and Goals for the Dining Room

The dining room is usually the most frequently occupied area, the one room where families, friends and visitors are most likely to enjoy each other’s company. If there is any one room that deserves the most attention with regard to decor and style, it is most definitely the dining room. Flooring, being one of the major components in a room’s appearance, should be at the top of your list when designing your dining room’s ambiance.

Make Your Family and Guests Feel Warm, Welcome and Comfortable

Your main goal should be to create an atmosphere where guests feel welcome, warm and comfortable. For family, your goal is to create an ambiance that exudes comfort and warmth that reflects and encourages stability and unity. The color schemes, materials and accouterments in the dining room all contribute to the success of your room’s ambiance and design.

Easy to Clean is Easier to Live With

Over the years, your carpeting will be exposed to many elements that can detract from your carpet’s original beauty. Enemies like soot, soil, dust, pets, vacuuming and general wear and tear all work to ruin your carpet. Often, they will converge together. In addition, accidents happen; food and beverage stains will eventually occur. It is the wise and prudent homeowner who installs carpeting that is not only easy to clean but that which will endure many cleanings and give up those stains easily and completely.

To perceive is to believe

If your home features a dining room area that openly blends into the living room with a wide opening between the two, the carpeting in the two rooms should blend seamlessly. The same carpeting in both rooms is recommended without any changes in style, color or texture. The rooms will complement each other, creating the sensation of flow and the perception of more space.

Shadows and Light Can Be Your Friends or Your Enemies

Keep in mind that most meals with guests in attendance will occur in the evenings. Attention should be given to carpeting that will showcase your dining area in its finest light in the evening hours as well as in full daylight. The shadows and lighting in the evening can impact the effects of your carpeting’s color, texture and nap. The assistance of carpeting professionals can help you here.

Go with Professionals; Their Knowledge and Help are Invaluable

When designing, preparing and installing carpeting, it’s always best to go with professionals. They have the knowledge, the tools, the experience and the expertise to make it all turn out perfect for your individual home. Carpeting professionals like Empire Flooring will discuss your options and steer you towards the ideal style of carpeting for your particular situation. They will know how to make your dining room and home look its best now and for years ahead.

Your home is the first and last thing you see every day. Make sure you create an environment that pleases the heart, the spirit and the eye.