Design Trends for Winter 2012-2013

Following the exciting design trends of Winter 2013 takes us on a journey into the unexpected. This season we see a return to glamour along with indulgent touches that introduce outstanding comfort.

Art Deco Decadence with Modern Flair

The Art Deco movement of the early 1900′s accompanied an era of merging classical silhouettes with streamlined architectural details. Shapes from nature were reinterpreted in streamlined, sharper form with gem-like surfaces emulating outlines of shells and jewel facets. New rug designs showcase patterns strongly influenced by the Art Deco style. Often monochromatic, their surfaces are meditations on slight variations in color, or contrasting, layered textures. As cold weather encourages homeowners to rediscover cozy decor elements, Art Deco patterned throw rugs layered over Empire Flooring or even carpet make it easier to step out of bed on chilly mornings. Design inspiration from this motif can be carried over to the rest of the room with classic waterfall bureaus, lacquered surfaces, and sparkling, icy color schemes. Juxtaposed against the incandescence of crystal light fixtures, or the glow of a fireplace, the result is a study in elegance. Devotees can complete the look with ultimate flair using Empire Window Treatments that incorporate the elongated lines of vertical blinds or Empire Window Treatments like window shadings, which offer the control of blinds with the graceful light diffusion of silky sheers.

Divinity in the Details

Winter provides homeowners in cooler climates with motivation to pursue energy efficiency in their home design. While insulation and Empire Window Treatments can do much to ward off frosty drafts, customizing the way your house uses heat is a smart strategy. You can make the most of this trend by using Empire Carpet in wool. Wool has the benefit of superior durability as well as legendary warmth. You can count on it to help modulate the humidity and temperature of rooms that simply must remain comfortable. Eco-wise homeowners are also rediscovering the joys of fireplaces. Subzero temperatures can’t compete with the pleasure of relaxing by a crackling fire. A fireplace in a frequently used room makes it possible to dial down the heat in the rest of the house, even as you get toasty in front of the glow. Freestanding models are easy to install for master bedrooms, dens and even open kitchen and dining areas. The professionals at Empire Today can help you coordinate your carpet and flooring choices to complement this indulgent, energy-smart household centerpiece.

Winter 2013 is a season for melding the best in refreshing simplicity and classic glamour using personal touches and heirloom quality materials. A renewed appreciation for excellence in design and construction has created unprecedented access to luxurious decor and the divine accents that make a home a haven.